Freebird Z1 A

Not just a drone, it's a flying machine

DGCA Certified and NPNT Compliant

Built to take a beating
DGCA NPNT Compliant
Redundancy of 6 Motors
Integrated with DigitalSky
Focussed on providing a safe flying experience
Powerful onboard computing and strong encryption

Freebird Z1 A

4 Km range

36 Minutes
Flight Time 

Flight Display

-15°C to 44° C
Operating Temperature

4K Video

68 Kmph 
Maximum Speed

A service ceiling of 13,123 feet

Sky is the limit

A cinematic experience like no other drone
4K Video and Premium Image quality with ZEISS Tessar T lens 
1080p video transmission
S-Log2Record Pro level for movie production
1000fpsSuper Slow motion video
Aerospace grade composite construction
StrengthTo take you places never explored
Light WeightWith no compromises
ReliabilityUsing materials used in Aerospace for over 20 years
Highest PerformanceFor the toughest environments

12,000mAh of battery power plus reserves

Unparalleled Flight Envelope

About Us

Freebird Aerospace is an IIT Indore incubated start-up. We are a DGCA certified UAV manufacture in India. We specialize in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned vehicles, autopilot systems and ground control stations that meet the regulatory aerospace standards and solve specific industry needs.

Our team has extensive experience in Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Avionics, and Aerospace engineering.

We envision to be India’s leading vertically integrated UAV manufacturer, to produce exceptionally high-quality aerospace-grade products.

It is our policy to always comply with the regulations laid down by the respective authorities.